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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer photo a photobooth?

Yes. We have 3 digital photobooth packages to suit all your event needs. See the Services page for details.


2. Do you offer special effects for parties, like dancing on the clouds?

Yes, we offer dancing on the clouds, cold sparks, dance party lighting and haze.effects


3. Do you offer lighting for the dance floor?

Yes, we have exciting lighting options including strobe, lasers, wash and moving spotlights


4. What is required to reserved DJ services?

A $75 deposit is required to reserved your date. The balance is payable by the date of your event.


5. Is my deposit refundable?

Deposits are refundable up to 60 days before your event.


6. Do you DJ quincenara's?
Yes. We can provide a fun DJ for your quince, or additional services like a robot show, character actors, CO2 cannons and more!

7. Do you offer bilingual DJ's?

Yes, we cater to clients of all nationalities. A bilingual DJ is available upon request, for an additional charge.


8. Do you DJ corporate events?

Yes. Companies trust us to give their employees and clients a great experience for parties, banquets and conferences.


9. Do you provide emcee service for events?

Yes. Our DJ's are great with the mic. If needed, a separate emcee can be provided for increased engagement


10. How do you know what music to play?

A Spotify playlist is provided to our clients for them to add their favorite songs. At your discretion, guest requests can be mixed in during the event. For formal events, special songs are listed on the event "Run of Show" or "timeline".

11. Do you have clean versions of songs?

By default, clean versions of songs are played. For adult events, "dirty" versions are available upon request.


12. Do you take guest requests during the event?

At your discretion, guest requests can be mixed in during the event.


13. Do you offer a 360 photobooth?

At present, this service is outsourced to a trusted provider.


14. What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept all pay apps, company checks and credit card payments (with a processing fee)


15. Can you support events at venues without power?

Portable power can be provided at an additional cost to power sound and photobooth equipment at beach weddings, parking lots or rural venues.


16. Can you make a mix for special dances?

Mixes and instrumental versions of songs can be created for an additional cost

17. Do you provide entertainment for milestone birthdays?

We have access to a full range of talented entertainers to delight your guests, including: fire dancers, celebrity impersonators, comedians, robot show, cigar rollers, bands, vocalists and more!


18. Can I pre-pay or pay in installments?

Yes, both are acceptable.

I9. Is there a travel fee?
Our packages include 2 hours of round trip travel. A $50 travel fee is required for events between 1 and 2 hours away from Cypress. Farther trips are accessed on a case by case basis.

20. Do you travel outside the Houston area?

Yes- within the state, the country and abroad. Clients are expected to cover travel and lodging costs.

21. Can you quick mix, like at club?

Yes, quick mixing is available upon request to keep the energy up on the dance floor.

22. Do you offer discounts?

A $50 discount is available for first responders, nurses, vets and active military.

23. Can I get copies of all the photobooth captures?

A zip file containing all your photobooth captures can be emailed for $5

24. How long are my photobooth captures available online?

Your photobooth live gallery will be accessible for 6 months. It can be renewed for another 6 months for $50.

25. Does the photobooth capture gif's, boomerang's and video?Yes. Enabling video capture is +$150. It includes an external wireless microphone and must be added on to the Gold and Platinum packages.

26. Do you offer karaoke?Karaoke can be added to any DJ package for $150. It includes 2 wireless microphones and a 32" monitor to view the lyrics.

27. Do you offer PA services for events?
PA services, such as providing (and operating speakers, microphones, background music and recording of live events is available.

28. Do you offer voice over services?
Yes, voice over services are available for marketing, pre-recorded sets and social media.

29. Do you offer voice over services?

Yes, voice over services are available for marketing, pre-recorded sets and social media.

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